Wednesday, November 29, 2017


School Concert
On 29th November 2017 Dawson primary school had our school concert

Every year Dawson primary school has a end of the year concert.Our year 6 syndicate was performing kapa haka this year.

Also thank-you to our helpers Mr D and CJ for coming to our school and helping us learn the actions for and more.Our first item that we sang was he honore then after we sang he honore we did our next item which was ka pioioi then our third item was otara E and our last item was tika tonu which was when the year 6 boys did there haka.

When we went on stage I felt a little nervous but then i got away with it and also there was a lot of people there and thank-you for all the parents that supported for our students.

Thursday, November 9, 2017


On the 9th November the year 6 syndicate went to go visit Ferguson Intermediate to check it out for our  year 6's next year.We had 2 special leaders for each group and here are some of the activities we went to.

Here they are:

Year 8's class.
Swimming pool.
Staff room.

Also the chapel downs year 6 syndicate came to Ferguson intermediate to also check it out for next year.We got to make chocolate chip muffins with the cooking students from Ferguson that got picked to do some cooking.We headed back to there hall to get our snack and we got a chocolate chip muffin and we also got a apple.

We all had fun looking at Ferguson intermediate and I hope the year 6's enjoy it at Ferguson intermediate if you go their next year.Thank-you

Sunday, September 3, 2017

How our weta inquiry has been going

Josh from fisher & paykel healthcare has been coming into room 18 on tuesdays to help us with our weta house designs and also tell us about his job.
Weta project.
We have been apart of a weta project.
Our class are trying to help wetas stay safe, kept away from pests and trying to make them to not become extinct by making weta houses.
Weta designs.
For our weta designs we are trying to make our weta houses have heaps of space for them and their family.Our weta houses are majority majority preety much big.


Thursday, July 27, 2017

The trip to the zoo

The trip to the zoo
On Friday 27th July room 18 went to the zoo to find out more about wetas so we can design our own wetas houses so there are are no pest.We had to get split into 5 groups so that it would be easier for miss Zeier and the parents that volunted to come on the trip. We had Dr Victoria-Metcal, Dr Sarah-Morgan,Josh and Mark from Fisher&Paykel.Dr Victoria-Metcal flew into Auckland from Wellington to visit us and Aorere College.First we went to go and have a look at the animals but we only had half and hour and went back to another part of the zoo where a man from the zoo was talking a little bit more about wetas. After he talked about the wetas we went outside and we had the DNA trackers and put them outside and then it was Aorere collages turn to do them. After that we got 1 hour to have a look around the zoo and have a look at the animals my favourite was the tigers.When our group finished looking at the animals we went to the park and we seen miss Maika's group so we all went to the park and played tag.We had a great time thanking the zoo for letting us in to the zoo for free and the parents.


Thursday, July 6, 2017

Information reports.

The capital of Italy is Rome. The population in Italy is 60.8 million.There terrain is coastal lowland and the climate is hot,dry and cool wet winters. The natural
resources are coal,zinc,marble,mercury and natural gas. They celebrate Christmas, New Years Eve, Easter,Labour Day and Liberation Day.

Famous people in Italy are Jessie James, Silvo Berlusconi, Rose Mcgowen, Carla Bruni and more. The traditional food is pizza, pasta, coffee, risotto, roman meals, Grelato and more yum food.Landmarks include the Amalfi coast, Colosseum, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Lake Como and others.Italy's type of government includes the Prime Minister, his name is Paolo Gentiloni.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Prep Sale

Prep Sale.
On Wednesday the year 5s and year 6s went up to the hall and went to set up our table display's.Our class went up first because miss Zeier had all the noswads money.My group helped the Banksters do the money because we had done a movie service 1 week ago.My first game that I went to go play was at the gamer crew it was a group that made some games to win lollie bags. I bought flubber soap,toffee apple,bubbles and string art.Heaps of people brought the donuts and more stuff.Room 13 came and had a look around at the stuff and the table display's.The Flubber soap was $30 dollars the toffee apples were $50 dollars, the bubbles were $5 dollars because they dropped now the price and also the big nike tick string art was $50 dollars.It was fun to buy more stuff and also the pizza and donuts were yum.Some people came to the Banksters table and swapped there money so they could spend halve of there money then save the other halve and use it to buy other stuff.

Here is a video of me throwing a plate of delicious whipped cream on her face but I missed and also some photos.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Netball tournament

On June the 2nd some year 6s and year 5s went to a netball tournament in Howick Pakuranga netball Centre. We played about 6-7 games against other schools. The first team we versed was Mayfield School and the score was 8 neal but we won. I was the captain for netball and Elizabeth was the co captain.The boys came 5th and the girls came 2nd we only lost by 1 point agianst East-Tamaki school.The game was fun and exciting and the game was about having fun not winning.