Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Prep Sale

Prep Sale.
On Wednesday the year 5s and year 6s went up to the hall and went to set up our table display's.Our class went up first because miss Zeier had all the noswads money.My group helped the Banksters do the money because we had done a movie service 1 week ago.My first game that I went to go play was at the gamer crew it was a group that made some games to win lollie bags. I bought flubber soap,toffee apple,bubbles and string art.Heaps of people brought the donuts and more stuff.Room 13 came and had a look around at the stuff and the table display's.The Flubber soap was $30 dollars the toffee apples were $50 dollars, the bubbles were $5 dollars because they dropped now the price and also the big nike tick string art was $50 dollars.It was fun to buy more stuff and also the pizza and donuts were yum.Some people came to the Banksters table and swapped there money so they could spend halve of there money then save the other halve and use it to buy other stuff.

Here is a video of me throwing a plate of delicious whipped cream on her face but I missed and also some photos.

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